You're welcome. 😊 When it comes to jobs, every framework has a limited time-span of life, which comes and goes with the popularity of that framework. The pattern by now is very clear. Initially there are a few jobs and it's often startups that take the leap of faith, then it tends to surge for a few years, sometimes even a decade. Then there's a slow decline in popularity. This can be very-very slow. Look at PHP or even COBOL. The good news is, when the popularity of a language or framework declines, the value of engineers who are proficient in it can increase, and they can become very sought after. With Flutter and Dart we are at the very beginning of this journey, and there are already jobs out there that are looking for Flutter engineers, so keep learning, I think it's worth it. 😉

Writer of code, blogs and things that live on the web. Pragmatic doer, Lego fan, Mac user, cool nerd. JavaScript and Flutter enthusiast. editor.

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