You know what? You’re absolutely right. I shouldn’t just be honest about things, I should go one step further and help people along their way through this maze of modern software development. I have done a number of courses, I’ll look them up and post a follow-up article very soon. Will make sure to mention you so you know it has been posted. Hang tight. Help is on the way.

Until then, if you want an honest and good course on React, have a look at this. After a book and 2 other courses, I still find this one to be the best: It’s the last one in the list I mentioned in the intro of this article. Wes (the author) says “an afternoon or two”, but I would challenge that. I was lucky that I already knew some ES6. For those who don’t, takes easily a week. Took me 2 afternoons and a full day.

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