What pisses me off is the fact that it’s always the “bloody artists” who are whining about not getting their fair share of the pie, yet when I look around, they’re mostly filthy rich, while people with 9–5 jobs who actually sustain the economy, live in decent financial conditions at best.

Now, of course there are artists who are struggling. To that I always say: maybe you’re just not good enough or you’re not smart about advertising yourself. But here’s the twist, no artists is struggling because of copyright laws. If you’re not famous enough, few know about you, so few will be tempted to “steal” your art. Pretty logical, innit?

Finally, I’d like politicians to actually understand and be experts on what they vote for. I am sick and tired of old suits, farts or crooks having opinions about how technology in the “modern” world should work while they’re still figuring out how to use the shift button on a keyboard.

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