To be honest, I’ve only now realised they did indeed launch the docs section, which while interesting, I took a look at, and I feel it’s simply “somewhat curated” content, than anything else. Looking at the Javascript docs on SO, the second topic is promises and consists of highly upvoted responses. The problem with that is that SO is notorious about having the wrong/outdated/not quite to the point answer upvoted to the top. Also, languages change, libraries and frameworks evolve, and SO doesn’t handle that at all. I much rather prefer official docs that are maintained by their authors. SO also involuntarily encourages bad coding practices and inconsistent coding styles and standards because there is no general rule set or quality checks for the code in terms of readability, performance and reusability. You can expect the docs on JS to be written collectively by 1000 people, each with their own coding style and approach. It’d argue that’s more disorienting than useful.

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