This whole no-code development thing is like the flu. Seasonal. Every so often, some people get scared enough of code that they start dreaming about WYSIWYG tools. We had Dreamweaver, Muse and plenty others that came and go. I remember learning Dreamweaver, and the amount of time it took me. Then I learned HTML, CSS and JavaScript and took me just barely a little longer. Muse was intuitive to use so not much to learn, but the results were very static. Fast forward to 2019 and I have people asking me to do stuff on their SquareSpace or WIX site, stuff the platform doesn't allow and requires code. From my perspective, no-code development (it is so not development) promises a lot and delivers very little. Very often it just becomes a waste of money and effort and a nightmare to manage. I also notice, you have not mentioned accessibility as a feature. Does the NoCo platform generate WCAG 2.1 AA compliant applications?

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