Do you understand me now? by Attila Vago (easycom)

You wake up, you look around, and you find asking yourself why you’re gazing around the room, when everything is just the same as it was yesterday, last night when you tucked yourself under the covers. You didn’t even wash last night’s sleep out of your eyes, and you’re already asking yourself involuntarily — why on Earth did you get up? You could have just kept on sleeping, dreaming. But no… you woke up, you got up, and you took your first steps while getting dressed, thus starting a new, regular day in the life of a normal human being, or… and evidently you raise a new question, is there a normal human being, is there a sane philosopher?

You glance around, and you see a photograph sitting timelessly in its frame and you find yourself wanting to see the image behind the image, the molecules that form the colours and the force that with an unimaginable precision holds all of it together. The photograph is in fact the image of something else, which perhaps is connected to your subconscious, your feelings, maybe it is actually you in an abstract form.

You look onto your plate, and you want to see beyond the yolk of your fried egg, which maybe isn’t even yellow, it could very well be something that your eyes convince you is or isn’t in a certain way, maybe you’re not even eating, it’s just your brain telling you you’re feeding yourself, and that food has a certain flavour because that’s how you’re programmed. But what would it be like if sweet would be sour, bitter — salty, what would it be like if things were not the way they were, but in some other way, in another order perhaps, or governed by some different Universal law.

You see a woman, and you want to see beyond her makeup, to hear what’s beyond the click-clack of her stilettos, you want to untangle the age-old enigma of femininity, to understand its logic. You try to explain yourself how simple things can be extremely complicated, and how those complex can be reduced to a simple fact.

You focus on a simple square and you see in it the hexagon that of course, split in two halves will result two trapezoids, which then can be further split to form two squares and two triangles. Now you have two squares and in each you see yet another hexagon, and you keep going until you forget which square you started with in the first place. In case you got bored, you’ve still got two triangles which you can abstract into the Bermuda Triangle, reaching of course the ultimate question — what is beyond our Universe? But then again, you could potentially look at everything from another angle, considering your brain being the Universe itself… What?!?

Is there such a thing as a sane philosopher? I haven’t a clue, but someone is staring at me from inside the mirror.

Written originally in Romanian about a decade or so ago on DeviantArt.

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