Somewhat unrealistic and utopian if I may say so. Just because - yes - there are companies out there who develop “in the open”, does not mean the world has suddenly shifted to open-source and code I am committing is going to serve as an open CV. Maybe GitHub wants people to think that, but it’s far from reality. The reality is that 90% of the code I write is private. Also, 80% of the code I write is actually on BitBucket or GitLab for obvious reasons (why pay for private repos, when you can have them free?). I believe there is space for both closed as open-source software out there, for both private and public projects. The World is not black or white, there’s at least 50 shades of grey in there… :)

An interesting read nevertheless.

Writer of code, blogs and things that live on the web. Pragmatic doer, Lego fan, Mac user, cool nerd. JavaScript and Flutter enthusiast. editor.

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