Quite possibly the best, most honest and pragmatic article I've read on technology so far in 2021. I could write an entire article confirming all of the points made here, from framework fetish to utter ignorance and downright banning of voices calling for more accessibility in web development. Bored web developers coming up with libraries and frameworks for no other reason but fame and making a name, missing entirely the fact that they're crapping all over decades year old standards that were invented to cater to all users, not just browsers that support the latest flavour of the month's "innovative approach". They talk about upcoming features of JavaScript as the new norm, yet they don't know how to write simple, accessible, semantic HTML. It's sickening and so unnecessary when we could all do things so much better, simpler and for everybody. We're supposed to make the web a better place, yet we're turning it into a clusterfu*k. Excellent article, Jason. Really enjoyed every paragraph. Very insightful and inspirational! Thank you. 🙏

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