Not good enough? Says who?!? :))

I like the way you broke things down, and as someone working on not one but three (6 hours of sleep/a day allows that) startup ideas, all your points make a lot of sense. Items 2 and 4 I find particularly important and insightful.

2 — I’ve had countless ideas, many of which I invalidated simply by chatting to people about it who then either asked me questions that made me rethink things or pointed out that my idea ain’t new enough to get traction.

4 — I think this is the hardest bit. The longer it drags on the easier to lose focus and passion. An odd parallel for sure, but I always say that while pregnancy is considered a beautiful thing most women tend to be fed up with it after 9 months. You have to see something materialise fairly early to keep the interest going, otherwise it risks becoming abandonware.

Point 5 is an interesting one. I tend to say go from idea to MVP as quickly as humanly possible. Fail early, fail often, but fail forward ;) I hate pivoting, but I do admit that sometimes it’s what’s necessary.

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