Interesting point and I remember this discussion. It happens every half a decade or so when a select group of people decide website development can be automated and that it’s also synonymous with web development. Remember the advent of Dreamweaver? Or Muse? Yeah. Guess what? Not only did it not displace web developers, but the number of web dev jobs has increased exponentially, while all the “automation tools” were desperately trying to find lazy people with very low expectations. And the number of web development jobs kept going up, and it keeps going up. Why? Because building websites is but a tiny piece of the pie, and all good developers were smart enough not to stay in the “website” business.

Your title says “web development”, but you keep referring to websites. Wrong. I would honestly like to see your credentials related to programming and web development. Web developers today can create nearly anything from eBooks to mobile apps and IOT devices, and for someone who writes such a declarative article — on hackernoon, no less — you should know better. Please don’t take this as an attack to your person, but rather a cold “get your facts right” shower. Because you are simply wrong. And sure, you are not the only one, but that doesn’t make it right, does it?

AI is a good thing, contrary to many people’s fear, but AI is not going to replace human innovation, the same way steam and fossil fuels didn’t. And history is a good example of that. Yesterday’s website developers, build apps today, IOT devices tomorrow and virtual reality the day after. All that while using AI generated data. I agree with you that AI has a space in the web development industry, but it’s not going to be a displacer but rather an enhancer of the web in general.

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