I would call this the “self-taught individual’s portrait”. Both fortunately and unfortunately, no single learning resource is complete or entirely suitable for any person willing to self-educate. Whether that’s Udacity, CodeSchool, Treehouse or any other similar resource out there, the characteristics of this portrait remain, and are spot on. I’ve used a high number of resources in my self-studies and Udacity ranked the lowest, simply because their teaching style that did not fit my way of ingesting information; nevertheless, I’ve seen plenty who would say the same about Treehouse and CodeSchool, both of which rank quite high on my list.

The bottom line is, just as I mentioned in my article about coding and how it’s become pop culture:

What programming requires is analytical thinking, problem-solving attitude, stamina for failed attempts at coming up with the right solution, passion for technology, pride in your own code, but maturely accepting someone else’s improvements and observations, and a sense of responsibility for any code you write or contribute to.

Of course you can transpile this into most industries, not just software development. At the end of the day, success is a self-induced state of mind.

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