Hey Hakim. I'm glad you found the article to your liking. I went with the base confirguration: 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM. I am not a gambling man, but all things considered, I felt that it should deliver what I needed at that spec so I took the risk. Previously for any development machine, I would have gone with 16GB RAM. You see, these M1 machines not only have the RAM in the same SOC as the GPU and CPU, but also have a faster SSD, so even your swap files becomes faster. I kept the activity monitor open most of the time, and I have never seen more than 6.7GB of the memory utilised. The memory pressure stayed on green 99% of the time as well. I think I saw it twice very briefly (like 1-2s) go into orange. XCode felt snappy, and the emulator worked well too. I used it for a while on battery, but I only managed to drain about 8% at one time, no matter what I did, it did not seem to cause sudden sharp battery drainage, but it's worth mentioning that Chrome (even the optimised one) still shows up as using significant enegery.

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