Because there’s two sides to every story (please watch the documentary), lemme jot down a few thoughts.

For context I will highlight the fact that I come from a country that has one of the lowest professional gender gaps in the EU, and that’s largely because until December 25, 1989 it was under a communist regime that promoted professional development equally for both genders. We had women in construction and army since the 70s, being a female scientist or engineer was very common, and most of the tech colleges had a fairly well-balanced gender spread. I am not promoting communism, but it’s worth noting that it did get a few things right.

Why all of the above? The Apple example is a surprising one and here’s why. I would have assumed that females would largely be against the move from 4" to 4.7", 5", 6", etc. In the real world however (and I tend to believe Apple — and Samsung has actual data to support that) women seem to loooove large screen handheld devices. All of my close female friends without exception have a phone that is at least as large or larger than my iPhone XS, and I find it shocking every time they pull the monster out of their purses. Apparently + models of phones are particularly popular with women. I’m still not sure why.

Much of the article is touching on a number of sensitive topics, one of which the inclusion of men in the discussion. Again, taking into account from where I come from, it seems to me that somewhere along the way men got excluded which I find surprising because I as a man never excluded a woman from any type of activity or discussion, nor did I feel the need to, so naturally I ask myself what have I done to get excluded in the first place? From where I stand, everyone is welcome to learn, do and achieve anything they want. Male, female, 5yo, 95yo, black, white, striped, polka-dotted, dog, cat, horse, armadillo, alien from Mars and any number of outer galaxies, everyone can do anything productive if that’s what they wish. When exactly did talent, curiosity, ambition, dreams, perseverance and success became all about the bits between our legs, is beyond me.

As a closing note, I wish more people would see the world as I do: recognising the differences between the genders while being firm believers in the overlapping potential in both.

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