A MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, sitting open in a dark room, on what presumably is an office desk.
Photo by Alex Vámos on Unsplash

A collage of images illustrating the seven theoretical models of disability.

A man in a wheelchair next to a lady walking and carrying grocery bags with food.

A boxed MacBook Pro with M1 chip.

Snaps of various accessibility technologies at the bottom, with “get your text right” heading at the top.

A little confused girl surrounded by browser logos, a man in a wheelchair and a text claiming that 98.1% of the web is not accessible.

Apple M1 MacBook Pro with iStatistica Pro stats overlaid.


MacBook Pro M1 screen overlaid with some SMART data and a thinking emoji.

Flutter starter code with Skia logo in the middle, Flutter on the left and Dart on the right and a thumbs up emoji, all overlaid.

Attila Vágó

Software engineer, editor, writer and occasional music critic. Pragmatic doer, Lego fan, Mac user, cool nerd. JS and Flutter enthusiast. Accessibility advocate.

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